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Even when you are applying through the same lender, you are basically taking out a new loan each semester or year.

Each of those loans is a separate account, so it is standard practice for students to have multiple loans reported in their history.

It takes borrowers an average of 21 years to repay their student loans, while 28% of students are in default (or miss payments for 270 days or more) within five years of entering repayment.

For such installment loans, the important factors are how much total debt you owe and, of course, most importantly if you have missed any payments. It can be helpful if you have education debt from multiple lenders or student loan guaranty companies.I immediately called myfedloan to find out what the problem was.I was fairly confident it was just a matter of updating their records but given how much money it said I owed them, I was not going to wait around.Student loan consolidation or refinancing can be a great tool to use for those looking to save on, or simplify, their monthly payments, but going that route can also have serious consequences if not approached carefully – there are even student loan consolidations scams to be aware of.That’s why we created this guide – to give borrowers a useful resource that empowers them to choose if student loan consolidation is right for them and which type may best suit their needs.At this point I could probably dedicate an entire blog entry to the hold music of my various services. After doing everything I possible could to make sure that my consolidation went flawlessly, I was very happy with the initial results.


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