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Long gone are the days of one developer in the corner, his or her desk littered with cheeseburger wrappers and teetering stacks of documents a foot high, and messy code with the rationale that “really, it’s all in my head.” Today, mission critical applications are developed by teams, and to keep programmers from stepping on each other’s code, version control software is the cat’s pajamas. (If a job posting mentions Source Safe, expect to put in some long hours getting that company up to date. is used for building enterprise-class web applications.

Among other things, it is an abstraction layer, allowing you to develop your application without keeping too close an eye on the deployment platform.

He was the author of "The Java Handbook", (ISBN 0-07-882199-1, Osborne, 1995) and co-author of Java: The Complete Reference, with Herbert Schildt (ISBN 0-07-882231-9, Osborne, 1996) In 1998, Walt Disney Internet Group acquired Starwave and amalgamated it with Infoseek in the Go Network company.

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