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National speaker, Mark Gungor, has been transforming marriages across America and around the world with his life-changing “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage” seminar.

It’s time to cut through all the nonsense that is taught in the media, and the education system.If you would like to the buy the Kindle version of the book on display please visit Guys. But the question is, can teenagers remain pure in today’s mixed-up, sex-crazed climate? Christian guys and girls just like you share their secrets to dating, relating. Highly acclaimed, anticipated, and much sought after seminar which offers wise information on dating and sex that we all wish we had known as we were growing up.Do you have this information for my kids and grand kids?” Here is the highly anticipated and much sought after information on dating and sex that we all wish we we had known growing up.The ramifications and consequences to our culture – especially the youth – has yet to play out entirely.


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