Dating ibanez bass

I got it for 5 in 1977, but traded it in for 0 when I bought my Musician.IBANEZ GUITARS DATING In dating Ibanez guitars made before 1987 .. It dates to April of 1978, which was the last month that they made these NT versions with an NT headstock.We call these "blonde on blondes" due to their rarity. L76....): The first real electric guitar I ever bought was just like this guitar.

Hit the jump to see just how old that guitar or bass really is. Most notably, production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses, although there were periods when this was not consistently done (1973 to 1981, for example) or simply omitted.

Therefore, while helpful in determining a of production dates, a neck date is obviously not a precisely definitive reference.

Most specifications for a given Fender instrument model change little (if at all) throughout the lifetime of the model.

On the other end of the musical spectrum, there are the smooth jazz performances of George Benson and Pat Metheny.

While their styles are as different as they come, the one thing that all of these artists have in common is that they each have their own signature model Ibanez guitar.


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