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Yes, the site responsible for instant classics like “Black Guy Asks Nation For Change” and “Man Says ‘Fuck it,’ Eats Lunch at ” is launching a new website in June called, reports the New York .Many were surprised to find out so many gorgeous (and possibly single) ladies had such bold political beliefs.French Onion Soup, at its core, is a very simple soup. If you want to turn a good soup into a tantalizing culinary experience, you need to start with homemade beef broth. You will want to make sure that your onions are deliciously caramelized. Dig through the cheese and the bread with your spoon and scoop up some of the broth and onions into one complete bite. Sometimes salt is a flavor enhancer and sometimes it is compensating for a lack of flavor development. It’s simple in its essence, yet complex like this soup. Tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary, an anniversary of the date that we formally told the world that we are one, but it feels like we have always been one and we always will be.I’m talkin’ roasted veal and beef bones simmering for hours. Marvel as your eyes close and you sigh in pleasure. Many a restaurant French onion soup is suffering from this disorder. French onion soup reminds me of my Husband, how I enjoy the time we spend together and how much I love him; it is a thread that can be traced all through our dating, our honeymoon and our marriage. That is what great love is, and I am thankful everyday that I’ve found it.Unfortunately for Swift, the parody newspaper settled on Aurora, Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes."Taylor and James were first spotted canoodling at a pre-trial hearing," reports Perez Hilton as reporting, alongside a Photoshop image of Swift sitting on the witness stand with the notoriously disturbed young man.

got right to work figuring out which well-known young man the songstress would run to next.French onion soup feels like it’s a part of my soul. I leave you with the best French onion soup and the words of Westley in This is the best Homemade French Onion Soup!It has a generous portion of caramelized onions in a rich, flavorful beef broth made from scratch.This recipe makes perfect rice every time, simply because the temptation to stir isn't there.This foolproof rice goes well with roasted chicken or broiled fish.They make a change from normal bangers as they have a smooth but meaty texture.


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