Online adult chat with microphone

Below the diagram are common game audio and chat questions/issues that people may have with the Headset Audio Controller. How do I make Game Audio louder than Chat Audio, or Chat Audio louder than Game Audio? First, set the overall volume level you prefer by pressing the Volume button accordingly: Top part of the button = Raise Volume, Lower part of the button = Lower Volume.

Then, press the left button in the direction depending on whether you want to make Game Audio louder than Chat, or vice-versa.

Thus, giving you the mic icon in the chat window, disabling your kinect for chat and no speech coming out of speakers.

Try using your second controller as the first player and see if the kinect chat feature works.

In some cases, you may need to exit and restart the Second Life Viewer.

However, if go into Chat & IM, it says the mic is on. I had this issue and it turns out that my second controller constantly thought it had a headset plugged in.That's what's out there, so try to keep up.My boyfriend and I are playing COD online with two other friends.Voice is disabled immediately, and all of the voice settings will be grayed out.This means you can't hear anyone talking nor be heard yourself. Whatever you say there will be repeated back to you so you can test the quality of your voice.Chat now, and find single people looking for dates or dating advice. Even if you're not looking to date, why not have some fun, and come chat?


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