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Chemistry then uses those results to give you sets of matches.

You rate those matches yourself, from "fizzling" to "sizzling", and successful matches move on to what the site calls its four-stage "guided communication process".

Chemistry is affiliated to the leading dating website which follows a more guided approach to determine compatibility and chemistry between partners.

This website focuses are creating deeper bonds by using an in-depth personality test developed by Dr.

Depending on how detailed you are, you could find yourself spending between 30 minutes and an hour creating your profile.

But if you're tired of doing all the nitpicky work of going through search after search and are looking to take the online dating search to a new level, is the place to go.While most dating sites focus on matching singles based on shared interests and specific characteristics – which can certainly work – the system takes things to another level.Members must take a detailed personality test and the site will then attempt to match people that have a very good chance of hitting it off from the moment they meet.There is a lot more involved, though, in the process for creating a profile – which is primarily made up of the very comprehensive personality test.The first part of the test requires you to answer a selection of fairly standard multiple choice questions that are similar to those you will come across at most dating sites, designed to provide an insight into your personality.Helen Fisher, who has 30 years of experience in relationships.


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