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Anna Zaleska: Certified Sex Coach •Sex Coach •Sex Educator •Sex Expert •Sexuality Advocate Biography, Degrees and Certifications: Certified Sex Coach, Sex Coach University, 2017 Faculty of Social Communication, University of Warsaw, 2000 Pricing/Fees: Fees vary dependent on service. Professional Philosophy: Sexuality is about who we are, what we feel, what we want rather then what we do (or don’t do). Range of Services/Programs Offered: Individual and Couples Coaching, in person and online Workshops Presentations Areas of Specialization: I guide my clients to claim their sexuality.In the ideal world what we do fits the rest: what we want, what we feel, who we are. I help them to reconnect with it and to discover their whole sexual potential.In both sexes limited to no sensation below the level of injury is common.By having wheelchair sex many couples are re-discovering sex after spinal cord injury.After a complete injury the ability to achieve erections, ejaculate, and father children can be greatly compromised.For women complete or incomplete, following an initial absence of menstrual cycle, fertility is rarely impaired, though vaginal lubrication may be.

Together (as coaching is collaborative process) we deal with issues like this: sexual inhibitions, low desire, orgasm challenges, body image, erection and ejaculation difficulties and more.

Frank’s father ran a truck stop in Jersey City—a place Frank has described as "totally corrupt"—and when Frank was 6 or 7, his father served a year in prison for refusing to testify to a grand jury against Frank’s uncle.

Frank was educated at Harvard College, where he resided in Matthews Hall his first year and then in Kirkland House and Winthrop House. One of his roommates was Hastings Wyman of Aiken, South Carolina, later a political consultant who in 1978 began publishing The Southern Political Report.

For men with incomplete spinal cord injuries involuntary motor and or sensory function still exists below the level of injury.

The ability to achieve a sustainable erection for wheelchair sex and reach orgasm is usually possible.


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