Updating environment strings

LED lighting is very different from other lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs and CFLs.Key differences include the following: LED lighting is currently available in a wide variety of home and industrial products, and the list is growing every year.

If this cannot be used, we also provide a Loader Wizard PHP script that gives guidance on installing manually.Using ion Cube encoded and secured PHP files requires a file called the ion Cube Loader to be installed on the web server and made available to PHP.PHP can use the Loader with one line added to a PHP configuration file (php.ini).From a security perspective that is a nice side benefit since sensitive information such as Sql connection strings with passwords never show up as cleartext in a web.config or file.You can enter key-value pairs from “Configure” tab for your website in the Azure portal.That can be useful for downstream code running in a website to special case some behavior for connection strings.


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